The ¡Salud A La Salud! campaign is part of the Health Access and Affordable Care Act Outreach project, used to support healthcare coverage outreach and enrollment activities within the Latino and LGBTQ communities. The program initiatives also include advocacy for increased access to mental health services in order to improve the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals within Boyle Heights and throughout Los Angeles County.

As part of the health initiative, the organization has also established The Leadership Circle to further advocate for mental health and wellness in our communities. Members of The Leadership Circle are composed of LGBTQ individuals and allies that meet monthly to provide residents with the tools in community mobilization, recruitment, and create work plans in regards to mental health advocacy. Members also meet quarterly with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) and with the Substance Abuse Prevention and Control to address the inequalities of LGBTQ health services in our communities.

Join our campaign by signing our online petition for quality LGBTQ health and wellness programs in our communities. Your signature will help support the goals of The Wall-Las Memorias Project to improve the quality of healthcare services and promote wellness, helping address health disparities in the Latino and LGBTQ community. You can follow the link below to join the hundreds of community advocates already help us fighting for LGBTQ specific health services.

To take action and help advance our campaign, sign our petition today: Click Here

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