The Healthy Latino Men’s Project educates participants on issues of health disparities and creates policy change for the LGBT Latino community in Boyle Heights. The group of young men, (Latino Men’s Action Council-LMAC), work together to develop a theatrical production while creating a policy recommendation that will serve the community in connecting their unique experience to living a healthy life in the Boyle Heights area.

The group consists of young men ranging from 18-25 years of age, who identify themselves as gay, bisexual or sexually questioning men, and that live in or have an interest in the Boyle Heights community.

All community members are welcomed, regardless of experience or sexual identity. As members, participants emerge in a unique theatre experience with other Latino men to create a production that exposes the reality of sexual identity and health in the Latino community.

Additionally, participants will gain knowledge of “Advocating for Change,” and other Health Exchange Academy trainings for young men. The LMAC experience helps guide and empower young men to become leaders in creating an action plan that will provide a strong platform for policy change. A number of members of the Latino Men's Action Council will also be selected to travel to Sacramento to meet with policy makers and present ideas for an action plan, as discussed in council meetings.

For more information, contact Angel Martinez at (323) 257-1056 ex. 26 or via email at amartinez@thewalllasmemorias.org

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