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Richard L. Zaldivar

Executive Director/Founder

Extension 27

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"I believe in dreams. I believed in the dream of constructing an AIDS Monument and we did. I believe we can end HIV/AIDS. I believe we can end bigotry and discrimination. I believe together we can achieve our dreams as we are all created by God in his image."


Enrique A. Topete

Senior Programs Manager

Extension 24

"Serving the community and seeing firsthand the impact that our services have in the local Los Angeles Community, brings me great satisfaction."

Andres Magana

Andres Magaña

Community Engagement Manager

Extension 28

"The Wall-Las Memorias Project offers a place of growth and personal development for both my passion and dedication to civil service—an area of which this agency is committed to fullheartedly."


Erika Reyes

Programs Assistant

Extension 29

"I enjoy coming to work every day, knowing that we are helping our community. It warms my heart when I hear people talk about how our agency has helped them."

Johanna Padilla

Johanna Padilla

Community Organizer - Transgender Women Services & Advocacy Program

Extension 32

" I do the work that I do because it gives me purpose and satisfaction knowing that I'm changing someones life for the better no matter how big or small that may be."

Aldo Macias Arellano

Kevin Garcia

Community Organizer -- Men's Health & Wellness Program

Extension 31

“Leading individuals to success has always been a passion of mine. Now, I can use my skills to lead the community and have them be advocates for tomorrow’s world. I aim to strive for success and help people live a more meaningful life."

Kayleigh Wade

Kayleigh Wade

Community Organizer - Southeast Los Angeles Substance & Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Extension 35

"I do the work that I do because I feel that it is some of the most necessary work. Growing up and seeing so many instances in which the different communities I am from/identities that compose me need healing instilled in me a promise/passion to help make this healing happen. I want fellow LGBTQ Latinx folx to shine in a way we haven’t been encouraged to before, and I want to ease the pain that comes with coming from a marginalized community. The overall goal is to mend the wound and heal. I think this work is the perfect way to initiate that process."

Natalia Garcia

Natalia Garcia

UCLA Fellow - Mental Health Advocacy Program

Extension 37

David Solorio

David Solorio

Community Organizer - Men's Health & Wellness Program

Extension 30


Giovannie Dueñas

Giovannie Nuñez-Dueñas

Community Organizer - Boyle Heights Mental Health Advocacy Program

Extension 21

“I am a community organizer because I know the only way we to achieve systematic change is by inspiring others to become involved. So many people have invested in me to do the best so now it is my turn to serve as a guide and resource for others.”

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