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    Black Lives Matter Memo

    This past week our country has heard the voices of its' people. People from every part of our nation and world have spoken out against racism and the murder of George Floyd.

    In 1965, Los Angeles experienced the Watts riots and then again we experienced the Rodney King riots in 1992. We said that things would change, yet things have not.

    We mourn the death of George Floyd and so many other Black community members including countless other people of color who have been killed or beaten because of the color of their skin.

    We must learn from the past calls for justice and say that we will not forget this injustice and demand change from our elected officials and hold them accountable for not enacting changes and holding law enforcement accountable.

    Demanding change of government is not enough as we must examine the anti-blackness that exists in our communities and in our own families. Change cannot be accomplished until we hold ourselves accountable in understanding the plight of the struggle of people who may not look like ourselves.

    Our history will be determined not by what we say to create change but what we have done to create that change.

    Together we have the opportunity to help write history. It is the time to act! It is time to raise our voice, engage and to VOTE. Our ballot and our voice are our weapon against injustice.

    The Wall Las Memorias joins our community in saying that, Black Lives Matter.

    God bless you and your loved ones.



    Richard L. Zaldivar

    Executive Director/Founder

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    Building Healthy Communities - Boyle Heights

    The Health Happens with Prevention campaign under the Building Health Communities, Boyle Heights is a group of passionate individuals who have been grounded in community to combat issues such as health care inequality, access to mental health, and addressing barriers among communities of color and under served individuals. Boyle Heights is home to 86,118 residents alone and is often forgotten and left with few resources. As a collective we work together to advocate for policy and systems change. In this process we welcome all residents and youth to take part in leading this effort. Our push for policy change is our driving force to leave sustainable lasting impacts in our communities. More information available: Click Here


    Partnering Community Organizations Include:



    Community Resources:

    COVID-19 Resources Guide - This resource guide is complied of several guides created by community and community organizations to help folks find resources during the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles with an emphasis on the Boyle Heights Community. Click Here


    Upcoming Events:

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    Twitter - @BHCBoyleHeights



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