Founded on January 4, 1999, Albergue Las Memorias provides care and spiritual guidance to adults and children living with HIV/AIDS. For many, the hospice is a home that provides love and dignity for people living with AIDS. 98% of clients served are addicts, 75% migrants and 30% deported. Services are provided to people living with HIV/AIDS 24 hours a day.

OBJECTIVE: Support and care for adults and children living with HIV / AIDS and addictions, also serving affected families.

MISSION: To provide quality care, human care and warmth to people living with HIV / AIDS and provide education and prevention of HIV and STDs.

Albergue Las Memorias offers housing, food, clothing, and provides medication for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Support groups, workshops on HIV/AIDS, self-esteem building and nutrition are also provided, as well as psychological support and computer classes.

The work program Media Luz provides patients the opportunity to work and earn a salary to help them transition back into society and reconnect with their families.

From January 1999 to October 2012, Albergue Las Memorias has provided services to 1,353 individuals. Out of all those individuals, 770 people have been discharged and are living long and healthy lives.