The annual Los Angeles Faith in Action Conference is the only one of its kind bringing together pastors, ministry leaders and congregants of faith communities. The conference provides plenary speakers and workshops on health epidemics, human sexuality and LGBT issues—using language that faith community understands.

Speakers from faith institutions, academia and public health are invited to engage in and discuss recent trends that explore the obstacles faced by the Latino community. The Wall-Las Memorias Project has created this conference in this critical time of need for the purpose of uplifting spirits, nourishing the soul, and educating from the heart. 

The conference explores the obstacles, as well as the stigma and silence that contribute to HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, depression and other mental health disparities.  We also discuss what the faith based community can do to alleviate some of the stresses that women face on a daily basis. This is not a religious conference but a cultural conference. It serves as an opportunity for The Wall-Las Memorias Project to provide health education-prevention services to a population that is hard to reach, in a language and presentation that members of the population identify with and accept. Since 2007, the conference has provided free HIV testing, educational workshops, and plenary sessions by respected medical professionals. The conference provides speakers from faith institutions, academia, and congregants. It is free to the community and is held in the fall of each year. 

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