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POZ Power Coalition

A grass roots movement at The Wall Las Memorias seeking to implement ways to eliminate HIV stigma specifically so that both HIV + and HIV - individuals may live healthier and more fulfilling lives! 

¡Ya Basta!

A grassroots community mobilization effort to address the many challenges in reducing HIV/AIDS risk behaviors among Latino gay and bisexual men. The ¡Ya Basta! campaign addresses denial, stigma, substance abuse, and social injustice issues, in addition to empowering individuals through education,leadership development, and community involvement.

Act Now Against Meth

In a grassroots community organizing effort, The Wall-Las Memorias Project led the coalition to collect over 10,000 signatures and was responsible for securing meth prevention and treatment funding. 

HIV Testing Initiatives

A targeted effort to tear down the barriers of silence and denial by reaching out and creating HIV testing opportunities across Los Angeles County. The Wall Las Memorias proactively identifies key sites for offering HIV testing for hard to reach populations.  

Greater East Los Angeles Task Force (GELA)

GELA engages community to mobilize itself to prevent crystal meth use by educating and our youth and their families. The mission of GELA is to proactively engage in community mobilization to prevent crystal meth use, by educating and supporting our youth and their families in the greater East Los Angeles area.

Albergue Las Memorias

An AIDS hospice that was renamed after the agency in 2000. It provides care and spiritual guidance to people living with AIDS in Tijuana, Mexico.