As part of Pride Month, The Wall Las Memorias (TWLM) team is hosting its 2nd Annual Pride Chat Series— an exciting lineup of pride themed events happening throughout the month of June! The virtual series includes free community events showcasing the best of our LGBTQ culture, lifestyle, and history. Be sure to join us for the chance to connect, reflect, and enjoy the pride of being part of our colorful LGBTQ community. Registration is required, click below to rsvp.


Men's Talk

Trivia Night: Name that Queer Cult Classic


The Men’s Talk support group will host a discussion on popular queer cult classic films in celebration of Pride Month! Join in as we discuss queer cinema, play trivia with movie clips, and talk about how these films have impacted the lives and culture of queer men.





Enby Entities

Pride Movie Party & Virtual Potluck (Screening: Legendary)


Join Enby Entities and our non-binary community for a virtual movie night featuring a special screening of “Legendary,” the HBO series that “lifts the veil off the underground ballroom culture,” and the stories of Black and Latino LGBTQ youth that made it what it is.





Beyond Safe Spaces

Queer Poetry Slam


In this Pride Month Queer Poetry Slam participants will get the chance to listen to the voices of young queer folks who are shaping our community. All poets, creative writers, singers, and artists are welcomed— it is your time to share your artistic voice amongst our queer community! Come for the poetry and you may leave with a raffled poetry book!





Men's Group

TWLM Men’s Group Presents: Handsome (The Web Series)


The Men’s Group invites you to the first virtual audience screening of “Handsome,” an original 6-episode queer web series about a gay man in his early 30’s coming out of a 10-year relationship who now has to navigate a dating scene he knows nothing about. Be sure to stay after the screening for a special Q&A with the creator and director of the series, Devon O’Kane! Running time: 25 mins (2-6 minutes per episode). Click here to watch the trailer.





Rise Up & Act

Hot Queer Summer: Living in Our Fierce Truth


Rise Up & Act hosts a special edition Pride Month workshop exploring inspiring queer and trans icons in popular culture. Join us as we’ll recollect and reflect on those who came before us to create space and encouraged a new generation to live comfortably in our own skin and free of insecurities.





She Her Hers

Trans Pride Prom: The Re-Do


The TWLM She Her Hers support group is hosting its first Trans Pride Prom. Guests are invited to dress up and bask in the nostalgia of high school prom…this time as their true authentic selves! Get ready for a night of music, community, and you might even be crowned as part of the She Her Hers Royal Court! To register for the event, click here.