Pride Chat Series 2022


As part of Pride Month, The Wall Las Memorias (TWLM) team is hosting its 3rd Annual Pride Chat Series— an exciting lineup of pride themed events happening throughout the month of June! The virtual series includes free community events showcasing the best of our LGBTQ culture, lifestyle, and history. Be sure to join us for the chance to connect, reflect, and enjoy the pride of being part of our colorful LGBTQ community. Registration is required, click below to rsvp.



El Amor es Neutral y Tiene Mil Colores

El universo es diverso y se manifiesta de muchas formas. The Wall Las Memorias te invita a un taller vivencial para honrar y reconocer las distintas formas en que el amor se expresa. Evento en persona.

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She Her Hers

Trans Pride Glam 101

The She Her Hers support group is hosting a Trans Pride Glam 101 with special guests Rouge and Jennifer Bianchi. Participants are invited to participate in this hands-on tutorial on everything you'll need to look glamorous this Pride season!

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Men's Talk

Lights On: A Look into Queer Night Life

We're turning the lights on and pulling back the curtain on queer night life at this special Pride Chat Series Men's Talk meeting! Participants will get the chance to listen to stories of the past and hear about the night life that defined the gay community!

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POZ Power

Legacy & History of Pride

POZ Power hosts a special edition Pride Month workshop as we reflect on those who came before us to create safe spaces, encouraging a new generation to live comfortably in our own skin and free of insecurities.

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Rise Up & Act - Youth for Change

Queer Friends Mixer

A new queer platonic social meetup for LGBTQIA2S youth in Los Angeles. Meet new friends, focus on building community, and share life experiences!

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Beyond Safe Spaces

A New "Happily Ever After": Exploring Queer Characters in Modern Media

Join the Beyond Safe Spaces team and the LGBTQI2-S youth community for a virtual workshop exploring queer and trans representation in modern media.

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