HIV 101 – Learning the Essentials Workshop

The HIV 101 is tailored to religious education groups including confirmation classes, parent classes, support groups and any other groups who gather at churches. There is no specific age range.

HIV/AIDS Ministry Development Training (MDT)

The ministry development training provides basic HIV education and prevention to the next level. It is designed to explore how cultural norms and assumptions can impact a person’s risk for becoming infected. The training provides an in depth look at how mental health issues, substance abuse, and religious trends factor into HIV infection and prevention. This training also includes basic HIV information.

Ministry Development Technical Assistance Training (MDTA)

The MDTA is for those who have already completed the MDT. Through the MDT you get an overview of what the community needs look like. Through the MDTA you are shown how to meet those needs through community organizing, awareness events, locating community resources, and gaining the support of your religious and local leaders. You will gain the knowledge and tools to address HIV/AIDS and other health disparities in your community.


All trainings are based on health, love, respect, and healing people in a way that they are comfortable with. We are proud to say that all trainings and outreach are designed with respect to cultural and religious values believe

Project Faith is a ministry for TWLMP to lower the risk for HIV infection among Latino gay and bisexual men. We often have to challenge our audience about our understanding of a higher power so that we may arrive at a new level of understanding and self-respect. This is an approach that is synonymous with many of our faith teachings. Preventing HIV among gay/bisexual men has much in common with Latino faith practices, for this reason TWLMP and Project Faith are important components in our community.

If you are interested in bringing any of the trainings to your local church or community please contact us at (323) 257-1056 or email [email protected].