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Testing |Treatment |Resources - HIV and AIDS Services in Los Angeles - | Is HIV In You? Get Tested. Get Treated. Free.


HIV/AIDS & STDs Facts for Teens and Adults |Resources

Description: Teens Affected by HIV

Teenager STD - Learn about STDs, Pregnancy & Sex‎


Description: Fact Sheet, Treatment Services, and Harm Reduction for communities at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Description: The relationship between HIV and Drug Abuse

Emotional Support |Resources

Description: Support Services

P: 888-208-8081

Binestar Human Services

Schedule of Support Groups (English & Spanish)

Government |Resources

LA County Commission on HIV

Legal Services and Housing | Resources

Comprehensive Housing Information & Referrals for People Living with HIV/AIDS (CHIRP Los Angeles)

HIV/AIDS Legal Services Alliance (HALSA)

AIDS Legal Services Project