The Wall Las Memorias (TWLM) spearheaded the development and funding of a series of methamphetamine task forces by submitting more than 10,000 signed petitions demanding action from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Through its leadership in the Act Now Against Meth Coalition, the agency developed the Greater East Los Angeles Meth Task Force—an effort which generated national attention for its work in mobilizing the Latinx community to address the meth epidemic. In 2018, TWLM led a successful campaign to defeat SB-58, a bill pushed by nightlife lobbyists that would have harmed our communities by giving some California cities the ability to extend last call at bars, restaurants, and clubs. 

Today, TWLM currently works in collaboration with the L.A. County Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control to reduce underage drinking and marijuana misuse among youth/young adults residing in Southeast L.A. We continue to work to address other harmful policies, like the illicit selling of drugs and alcohol and over-licensing of establishments that impact our marginalized low-income communities across the county. Most recently, TWLM is working to address the alarming increase in crystal meth use by gay/bisexual men through its Act Now Against Meth campaign and youth substance use disorder prevention through its Rise Up & Act campaign which mobilizes local youth around substance abuse prevention and empowers them to take civic action across Los Angeles County.




>> Community Alliance for Change Campaign -The Community Alliance for Change is a substance abuse and control prevention program aimed towards working with community and youth in order to change social norms through education and advocacy. Empowering youth and communities by building life skills that will lead to healthier life choices and positive change.

>> Act Now Against Meth Campaign - A community mobilization campaign aimed to address the meth
epidemic, demanding prevention and treatment services to address meth use in the LGBTQ and POC community. Click here for more information.

>> Rise Up & Act: Youth for Change - Engages youth in community mobilization and organizing activities to advocate for healthier public policies around substance abuse, simultaneously increasing their own empowerment, activating home-grown leadership and bolstering their agency in the world. Click here for more information.




>> Linkage to Care - All of our programs offer linkages and warm connections to appropriate general health and mental health care.

>> Community Engagement - Look out for our next event for the Southeast L.A. community where we aim to build community by encouraging each other to live healthy and balanced lives.

>> Peer Counseling - Peer health specialists are available to provide culturally competent counseling and support to our community members regarding misuse of alcohol and other substances.