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  • Una reforma a intermediarios es la mejor receta para bajar de precio a los medicamentos

    Posted by · March 24, 2023 9:41 AM

    A medida que nuestro país está cada vez más fracturado, encontrar un terreno común puede resultar difícil. Una de las pocas cuestiones que cuenta con un amplio apoyo en todo el espectro político es la necesidad de reducir los costos que pagan los pacientes por sus recetas.

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  • Safer WeHo Coalition giving out free fentanyl testing strips and naloxone for St. Patrick's Day

    Posted by · March 15, 2023 9:34 AM


    As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the Safer WeHo Coalition is taking action to ensure individuals have access to life-saving resources during a time of celebration and increased risk. On Saturday, March 18th, 2023, the coalition will be distributing free naloxone and fentanyl test strips at the “Make Your Own Luck” event in West Hollywood Park.

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  • Health Organizations Distribute Fentanyl Test Strips and Narcan in WeHo’s Rainbow District

    Posted by · December 06, 2022 9:42 AM

    The Institute for Public Strategies’ West Hollywood Project joined activists and members of health organizations like Being Alive Los Angeles, LGBT Center’s Trans Wellness Center, AHF, The Wall Las Memorias, APLA Health, Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (LA CADA), and Los Angeles Department of Public Health to distribute overdose prevention information and resources along with life-saving Fentanyl Test Strips and Naloxone nasal sprays. 

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  • 29th Annual Noche de las Memorias

    Posted by · December 05, 2022 11:10 AM

    The Wall Las Memorias commemorated World AIDS Day on Thursday night with its 29th annual Noche de Las Memorias at the AIDS Monument in Lincoln Park. The event was free and open to the public. Event organizers said beforehand that it “will be a time for healing, remembrance and action and will include prayer, song and testimony.”

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  • The Wall Las Memorias Brings Health, Wellness to Underserved Communities

    Posted by · July 18, 2022 2:50 PM

    "By serving low-income and hard-to-reach communities across LA and raising awareness about HIV and AIDS, substance-abuse prevention, mental health stigma, and transgender and nonbinary health and wellness, The Wall Las Memorias has served as both a safe place where people of all backgrounds can seek support and education as well as an organization fighting for social change."

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  • TWLM Fights for Abortion Rights

    Posted by · June 28, 2022 4:16 PM



    The action last week by the conservative justices of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the national ban on abortion is not based on law or the Constitution but is based on politics. It is disgusting, and our community is hurt by this decision.

    This action represents the ability for this court to use their legal rationale to take away other rights such as gay marriage. It is clear, that this is part of a larger agenda by the right wing.

    Please know that you are not alone in your anger and sadness regarding the court's decision. In the end, we have much to do for equality and justice.

    We can and we will work together to strengthen our freedoms that are provided under our Constitution.



    Richard Zaldivar

    TWLM Executive Director


  • TWLM Stands with Ukraine

    Posted by · February 28, 2022 3:30 PM



    The world is much more dangerous today.

    Russia has invaded Ukraine and has violated international order. An attack against innocent people is an attack against each of us.

    The Russian leader needs to be held accountable for his actions. No dictator should have the right to enter another country to kill them or to control their freedoms.

    As the world watches in shock in the developments on television, we invite you to join the membership of The Wall Las Memorias in praying for the people of Ukraine and the leaders of the free world to work for peace and resolve.

    In addition to prayer, you can also make donations to the many charities of Ukraine to help support the people in need.

    Let us send our love, support and prayer as we stand with Ukraine.



    Richard Zaldivar

    TWLM Executive Director


  • AIDS United Awards $100,000 to Support Leadership Development for Hispanic/Latinx People Living with HIV

    Posted by · October 15, 2021 5:14 PM



    AIDS United has awarded grants totaling $100,000 to five community-based organizations, including The Wall Las Memorias (TWLM), to help end HIV stigma and discrimination while building leadership among Hispanic/Latinx people living with HIV in a new pilot initiative. Please click here to read the full article.


  • Making Waves: Hispanic Heritage Month

    Posted by · September 27, 2021 10:37 AM


    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, 94.7 The Wave is recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of four members of the Hispanic community who have made a difference as part of their “Making Waves” campaign. Our Founder and Executive Director, Richard Zaldivar, was selected as one of this year’s honorees highlighting all that he has done to help the community through his work, philanthropy, and community outreach. We are thrilled about this and are excited to share the interview. Please click here to hear the full interview.

  • LA Football Club Honors TWLM with Community Spotlight at Pride Celebration

    Posted by · July 16, 2021 2:37 PM

    The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) will recognize The Wall Las Memorias (TWLM) as their Community Spotlight on Saturday, July 17th, during their game against Real Salt Lake.

    For more than 26 years, The Wall Las Memories has worked tirelessly to serve as a community health and wellness organization for Latino, LGBTQ and other under-served populations through advocacy, education and building the next generation of leadership. “It is an incredible honor for us to be recognized for our work by the Los Angeles Football Club,,” says Richard Zaldivar, founder and executive director of TWLM, “The support from LAFC and their fans is a wonderful way for us to reach a wider audience and help even more community members. We look forward to Saturday’s event as well as continuing to foster our relationship with LAFC and its fans.”