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    The volunteer program of The Wall-Las Memorias Project links the vision of our programs to the needs of our community.

    Volunteers are trained in basic HIV education, provided a history of the agency, given a tour of the AIDS monument and are provided with an overview of the programs, services and special initiatives that are offered at TWLMP.

    They are also provided opportunities to become involved in local community and social justice issues that affect Los Angeles.

    Such opportunities include education, fundraising, community outreach, event organizing and the chance to represent the agency to special target populations such as Project Faith, Southeast Los Angeles Alcohol and Other Drugs Taskforce, Men's Talk, Beyond Safe Spaces, Las Sirenas, etc.

    In order to accommodate volunteers appropriately, applicants must submit a volunteer application form as well as demonstrate a commitment to fulfilling the mission of The Wall-Las Memorias Project.

    If you have any questions please contact us at (323) 257-1056 or via email at [email protected] 


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